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Grains Grid Layout

Cereal Grains
Barley GrainACO 20kg45.95
ACO 5kg14.20
Barley Kernels - Natural (Biodynamic)DEM 5kg16.20 TU
Pearled Barley - KiallaACO 5kg16.80
Khorasan Grain - Kialla More infoACO 20kg55.70
ACO 5kg15.25
Oat Kernels (Tasmania)   TOP 25kg119.40
ACO 5kg26.40
Rye Grain - Demeter (Biodynamic)   DEM 20kg45.50
DEM 5kg12.50
Spelt Grain - Kindred Organics (Tasmania)   More infoTOP 25kg120.00
ACO 5kg26.50
Wheat Grain - Demeter (Biodynamic)DEM 25kg45.95
Wheat Grain - KiallaACO 20kg49.10
ACO 5kg17.40
White Basmati Rice (India)ACO 25kg128.50
ACO 5kg28.30
Brown Basmati Rice (India)ACO 25kg140.65
ACO 5kg31.45
Medium Grain Brown Rice (Biodynamic)DEM 25kg103.90
DEM 10kg44.90
DEM 5kg23.50
Medium Grain White Rice (Biodynamic)DEM 25kg119.90
DEM 5kg26.40
Long Grain White Rice (Biodynamic)DEM 25kg119.90 TU
DEM 5kg26.40
Long Grain Brown Rice (Biodynamic)DEM 25kg117.50
DEM 5kg25.80
Amaranth Grain (Peru)CUC 5kg53.95
Buckwheat Kernels (China)EC 25kg93.05
ACO 5kg21.35
Buckwheat Grain - Kialla (Unhulled - with black husks)ACO 20kg69.85
ACO 5kg20.60
Cous Cous - Whole Wheat (Italy)ACO 2.5kg21.35
Maize GrainACO 20kg34.55
ACO 5kg13.90
Hulled Millet - Kialla (Ukraine)ACO 20kg93.70
ACO 5kg26.30
Popping CornACO 5kg21.60
Quinoa - needs rinsing (Tasmania)   More infoTOP 25kg357.85
ACO 5kg78.70
ACO 2kg33.35
Quinoa - pre-rinsed (Tasmania)TOP 25kg357.85
ACO 5kg78.70
ACO 2kg33.35
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