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Coffee SuppliesCyriel roasting coffee

Due to Covid-19 there has been a massive delay in the usual green bean order from Nepal, because traffic between the mountain villages and the processing centres in town has stopped.

As such we have almost run out of our Himalaya single origin stock!

However we can now support certified organic coffee farmers from other countries too. The new coffee from Colombia (Nevado del Huila single origin) is also grown certified organically by a cooperative of small farmers in a microclimate below trees, just like the single origin from Nepal.

It is a very nice smooth and earthy coffee, but it also has a bit more body to it for which South American coffee is well known. Please feel free to get back to us with your feedback about it.

We expect the Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co. (new business name) Himalaya coffee to be back in stock in approximately three months time.

To find this coffee on our website go to the Coffee page.

Rapadura Sugar (Jaggery)

We can finally give you the good news that we have the Rapadura (Jaggery) sugar back in stock after many months of delays being experienced at various points in the supply chain.

Dried Vine Fruit

Due to a breakdown of our dried fruit supplier's processing equipment we have still been unable to restock on sultanas, sun muscats and currants for this year. We are now completely out of sultanas and sun muscats. We certainly hope to have more available soon.

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5kg Gl Free Besan & Buckwheat Spirals Pasta 30/3/2022 10%
5kg Gluten Free Lentil & Maize Spirals Pasta 30/3/2022 10%
1kg Hulled Hemp Seeds - Hemp Foods Australia Health Care 15%
1kg Hemp Protein Powder - Hemp Foods Australia Health Care 15%
Tap Oils - 100%
25kg Him. Crystal Salt - 3-5mm 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 50%
25kg Him. Crystal Salt - Fine 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 20%
Living Food Recipes by Paul Benheim Books 15%


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