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Welcome to our 'What's New' page. We will be updating this regularly so visit here to see what product specials are currently on offer, what new products we have in stock and for other product news.

Orders from India

Our supplier of rice, dahls, spices etc has been having immense trouble getting orders sent from India largely due to the COVID lockdown. We have been stocking up as much as we can when we get the opportunity and hope to take possession of two pallets from that supplier this coming week. We know a lot of customers have been waiting on rice, particularly brown Basmati as well as some of the spices, especially turmeric.

Wholegrain Milling 5kg size discontinued

Unfortunately, shortly after taking on Wholegrain Milling as a supplier of grains and flours they have discontinued all 5kg sizes, which is a very poplular size with many of our customers. We have switched back to the equivalent 5kg Kialla products but in some cases there has been a price increase.

Personal Care Product Changes

Following on from the sale of the Organic Formulations company which supplied the bulk of our personal care products for many years, the new owners Martin and Pleasance have decided to cut the number of product lines which were formerly available. The main ones to affect us are the Hemp and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner range, the very popular Vanilla and Almond soap bars, the 500gm Coconut and Vanilla Hand and Body Wash and the Evening Bliss and Mystic Wish deodorants. Other than the Hemp and Tea Tree shampoo which we have sold out of already, we do have limited stocks of the other items still in our warehouse but probably not for long.

New Products

Back in Stock

  • Moong Dahl - see the Legumes page.
  • Basmati Rice - white and brown - see the Rice page.
  • Loving Earth Maqui Powder - see the Superfood spage.

    Specials (Available until further notice.)

    Product Page link Best Before % off normal price
    4L Bio-Med Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Jerry Can (India) Oils Oct 2021 10%
    6x150g Pure Harvest Rice Cakes Grocery Items 10/9/2021 10%
    500g Pepitas (China) Seeds & Legumes 7/6/2021 10%
    2kg Hulled Tahini Grocery Items 3/4/2022 10%
    6x375g Unhulled Tahini Grocery Items 3/4/2022 10%
    6x375g Hulled Tahini Grocery Items 3/4/2022 10%
    5kg Wholemeal Spirals Pasta 3/3/2022 10%
    5kg Wholemeal Spaghetti Pasta 3/3/2022 10%
    5kg Spelt Spaghetti Pasta 30/3/2022 5%
    5kg Spelt Spirals Pasta 30/3/2022 5%
    5kg Gluten Free Lentil & Maize Spirals Pasta 30/3/2022 15%
    350g Carob Powder - Honest to Goodness Grocery Items 14/3/2021 10%
    1kg Hulled Hemp Seeds - Hemp Foods Australia Health Care 15%
    1kg Hemp Protein Powder - Hemp Foods Australia Health Care 15%
    Tap Oils - 100%
    25kg Him. Crystal Salt - 3-5mm 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 50%
    25kg Him. Crystal Salt - Fine 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 20%
    Living Food Recipes by Paul Benheim Books 15%


    Clearance Specials (while stocks last)

    Product Page link Best Before % off normal price
    500ml Biologika Hemp & Tea Tree Conditioner Personal Care 10%
    150ml Organic Rosehip Oil Primal Nature Personal Care 25%
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