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Christmas Break

There are just the two of us here operating Bio-Distributors with little opportunity during the year to take any time off so as our long standing customers would already know, we traditionally take a short break over the Christmas/ New Year period to enjoy a much needed rest and to recharge our batteries.

We hope this break won’t inconvenience you too much and encourage you to stock up prior to Christmas to avoid being caught short of something you might need while we are away. The website will still be open during this time for you to place your orders and these will be dispatched on the first available opportunity after we return to work.

Final Dispatch for 2019             Monday 23rd December

First Dispatch for 2020              Monday 13th January

Please note that orders for non-Tasmanian destinations may not arrive until after Christmas if dispatched on or after Thursday 19th.

Orders for Tasmanian destinations may not arrive until after Christmas if dispatched on Monday 23rd.

Khorasan Grain 

We want to repeat that what we have been selling as Khorasan grain is not that at all. We originally purchased it in good faith as Khorasan Grain from Kialla Pure Foods but after receiving customer enquires have had the grain tested and it has been confirmed that it is in fact Triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye grain. Kialla even provided us with a certificate stating that to the best of their knowledge, the grain was Khorasan Grain.

This is unfortunate but the positive side is that both the Triticale grain and its flour have been widely used by bakeries and private households for quite a number of years and people love the bread and other products that have come from this grain.

We will still supply this grain - as Triticale Grain - but will be offering it at a much lower price than previously.

We apologise for this situation and will consider any requests for compensation. 

Grain Prices and the Drought

We have already advised of large price rises in the pipeline for Kialla products in addition to the existing price increases for rice, wheat and rye grain. We have been able to purchase some Kialla stock at the current prices and will endeavour to hold prices down as long as we can - most likely into the new year.

Rapadura Sugar (Jaggery)

Unfortunately there has been a further delay in obtaining jaggery. We now don't expect to have more until late January at the earliest. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Specials (Available until further notice.)

Product Page link Best Before % off normal price
20kg Rye Wholegrain Flour - Kialla Flours 1/5/2021 20%
12x750ml Robinvale Sparkling Ginger Juices 25/10/2020 10%
250g Himalaya Coffee Beans Medium Roast (Nepal - roasted in Tasmania) Beverages 30%
250g Himalaya Ground Coffee Med Roast (Nepal - roasted in Tasmania) Beverages 30%
250g Himalaya Coffee Beans Dark Roast (Nepal - roasted in Tasmania) Beverages 30%
250g Himalaya Ground Coffee Dark Roast (Nepal - roasted in Tasmania) Beverages 30%
10kg CTC Black Tea (India) Beverages 5/9/2022 15%
1kg Mixed Dried Fruit (Mostly imported) Dried fruit 19/2/2019 20%
12x680g Siena Tomato Puree (Italy) Grocery Items 31/12/2020 10%
700ml Bio-Med Tasteless Coconut Oil - Tasteless & Odourless (Philippines) Oils Sep 2020 10%
600ml Molasses - Melrose Sweeteners 4/12/21 10%
1kg Black Pepper Ground (India) Spices 30/6/2021 10%
500g Star Anise (India) Spices 31/5/2021 20%
3L Organic Olive Oil (Australian) Oils - 10%
12x1L Soya Milk Original Pure Harvest Soya Milk etc 1/11/2019 20%
175g Choc Coconut Butter - Loving Earth Grocery Items 12/12/2019 15%
Tap Oils - 100%
1kg Maca Powder - Loving Earth (Peru) Health Care 6/2/2020 15%
1kg Maqui Powder - Loving Earth (Chile) Health Care 9/4/2020 10%
250g Maqui Powder - Loving Earth (Chile) Health Care 10/8/2020 10%
200g Acai Powder - Bio-Distributors (Colombia) Health Care 22/4/2020 10%
1kg Acai Powder - Loving Earth (Colombia) Health Care 22/4/2020 10%
500g Cacao Beans - Loving Earth (Peru) Health Care 7/2/2020 20%
300g Baking Powder - Aluminium Free Grocery Items 11/10/2019 15%
100ml NatureLab42 Wild Fresh Air - Air freshener in refillable glass bottle Household Products 20%
6x500ml Olive Oil Cold Pressed - Pure Harvest (Spain) Oils 27/2/2020 30%
25kg Him. Crystal Salt - 3-5mm 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 75%
25kg Him. Crystal Salt - Fine 2nd grade Pink (Pakistan) Health Care 25%
Living Food Recipes by Paul Benheim Books 15%
1kg Hemp Protein Powder - Hemp Foods Australia Health Care 2/8/2019 50%


Clearance Specials (while stocks last)

Product Page link Best Before % off normal price
1L Agave Syrup Lov. Earth - unrefined (Mexico) Sweeteners 23/3/2017 40%
12x1L Coco Quench Pure Harvest Soya Milk etc 4/7/2019 40%
4xpkts Sri Lankan Tea - 50 Tea Bags Beverages 01/2019 75%
500ml Coconut Nectar Lov. Earth (Indonesia) Sweeteners 20/7/2018 20%
Primal Nature Rosehip Oil Personal Care 25%
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