Raw, Organic Acai Powder

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Raw, Organic Acai Powder

From Tumaco Colombia

Acai (ah-sigh-EE) is a high antioxidant energising berry that grows in only 2 places the Colombian Pacific Coast and the Brazilian Amazon River.

Loving Earth?s Acai is wild harvested from Acai palms growing in the coastal estuaries of the Tumaco region, in Colombia, where they get mineralized by the Pacific Ocean. This along with the fact that the acai pulp is NOT pasteurised before it is freeze dried results in an ORAC score of 182,146 uM trolox / 100g. This is nearly twice as much as acai sourced from the Brazilian Amazon.

Wild harvesting this certified organic Acai provides a sustainable income for the indigenous Tumas people of the area helping to preserve biodiversity in the region. The Acai is a staple of the indigenous Tumas people forming about 42% of their daily diet.

Servings Per Package: 20
Serving Size: 5g
  per 5g
Per 100g
Energy 92.3kj 1846kj
Protein 0.4g 8.1g
Fat. total 1.17g 23.4g
    -Saturated 2.8g 5.7g
    -Trans 0?0g <0.1g
    -Polyunsaturated 0.14g 2.9g
    -Omega 3 0.01g 0.2g
    -Omega 6 0.13g 2.7g
    -Omega 9 0.71g 14.2g
    -Monounsaturated 0.74g 3.3g
Carbohydrates 2.5g 49.5g
    -Sugars 0.86g 17.3g
Dietary Fibre 0.77g 15.4g
Sodium 5.9mg 117mg
Calcium 6.8mg 136mg
Iron 0.16mg 3.2mg
Vitamin A 638IU 12765IU
ORAC 9107uMol 182,146uMol
Phenolics 155.8mg 3.12g
Cyanidin-3 Glucoside 12.8mg 255mg

All specified values are averages and are subiect to seasonal variation

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