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Genetically Modified Soya Beans?
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Genetically Modified Soya Beans?

We have been asked if the Kialla soya beans and the soya beans in the Pure Harvest soya milk we sell are genetically engineered. In response we answer with a resounding NO! and add that we trust this will always be the case because the soya beans and the soya beans used in the products on our pricelist are certified organic or bio-dynamic. Put plainly and simply, if a crop has been genetically modified in any way it cannot be certified as being organic or bio-dynamic.

Leading the way in the genetic engineering of agricultural crops is the giant chemical company Monsanto which produces the world's biggest selling herbicide, Roundup. In 1997 Monsanto's first genetically engineered crop - Roundup-ready Soya Beans - was released on to the market. Given that between 50% - '60%' of processed foods contain soya beans or soya bean derivatives the market is huge. Monsanto is now working on the genetic engineering of new varieties of rice, maize, potato, sugar beet, rape and cotton and believes that within a few years all the major staple crops will be genetically engineered.

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