Our Ethics

We, Jo and Ric of Bio-Distributors, have a passion for doing what we can to bring about positive changes for all inhabitants of our planet.

To this end, we support by way of business advertising, organisations that share our ideals. We have consistently given away the majority of our profits while keeping just enough for our own needs. See the supported organisations page for more information about who we support and for how much.

We try to live simply, buying second hand when we can, cooking and eating at home almost all the time and have a home garden and nut trees that provide us with a good portion of what we eat.

We don't have expensive cars, luxury items and don't have any superannuation other than some modest savings. 

We live as much as is possible a vegan lifestyle and only carry vegan products in our business. We don't agree with the way animals are used to provide food for us humans so have taken this idea and put it into practice in our own lives.

We have very little waste, using what we can a second time and recycling everything we can to the local waste transfer station or to the Hub, a community based second hand shop. We generate more than the electricity we use with solar panels on both our house and our warehouse.

2022 Update.- With all the changes and events in the world which have led to a spike in the cost of products and the costs of freight and other overheads we have made the decision to reduce our profits by keeping our prices low and by subsiding the delivery costs to our customers. We know that many people are doing it tough at the moment plus we also need to turn over our stock before the dreaded 'Best Before' dates arrive. We hope it will be a win-win situation but it will mean less 'excess' funds to support organisations. We have notified most of our organisations of our change in focus after more than twenty five years of continuous support and have been humbled by their gratitude and understanding of our need to adopt a new business model under the current circumstances.

Providing excellent products with excellent service