About Us

Bio-Distributors is a family business run by Ric and Jo Easton from their property near Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia. It was started by Ric and Jo in 1991 due to the inability to source organic food in their part of Tasmania and has been experiencing steady growth ever since, mainly due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of organic agriculture and of eating organic food. More recently the focus of the business has shifted towards ethical considerations including animal rights issues and the concept of fair trade.

"We offer a range of predominantly certified organic food which is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition, all our products are 100% vegan and have not been tested on animals. Our business aims to support, encourage and foster the production of vegan organic and bio-dynamic food by providing a link between producer and consumer.

In addition we give preference to products which are either Fair Trade certified or produced in a manner which supports the indigenous farming communities growing the raw product.

Being certified organic or bio-dynamic gives an assurance that our range of organic products and organic produce is produced using a sustainable system of agriculture without the use of artificial fertilisers or toxic chemicals. Furthermore, Genetically Modified food in any form is DEFINITELY not allowed under organic certification standards.

We also carry a range of chemical-free household, beauty and healthcare products which have not been been tested on animals."

Bio-Distributors has been certified as an organic wholesaler with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) since 1993 (Certification no: 11631)

Ric and Jo believe in helping make the world a better place by using the bulk of their profits (over 80% in 2013-14) to support causes and organisations which share similar philosophies to theirs. Click here for a list of the organisations they currently support:

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