Organic Certification

Certified by ACO

We believe in organic food production and have built our business around this belief.

Bio-Distributors has been certified as an organic wholesaler by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) (formerly Biological Farmers of Australia) since 1992. To maintain our certification we undergo a rigorous annual audit inspection involving record keeping, audit trails of products and many other aspects of our operation to ensure the integrety of the products we sell as certified organic.

The vast majority the products we sell are certified organic. We DO NOT carry the same product in both certified organic and non certified and in general prefer not to carry a product which is not certified organic. There are a few exceptions but there is generally a good reason for us doing so. The organic status of our products is clearly stated in the certification column on each of the product listing pages. See below for the abbreviations used for the organic certifying bodies that certify the products we sell.

Download our current certificate of compliance issued by ACO.

Go to Australian Organic's website for a copy of the organic standard we operate under.

Australian Organic Certification Bodies

  • ACO: Australian Certified Organic (IFOAM accredited)
  • A-Q: Aus-Qual
  • DEM: Biodynamic Research Institute. (Demeter)
  • NAS: National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. (IFOAM accredited)
  • OFC: Organic Food Chain
  • OGA: Organic Growers of Australia

Overseas Organic Certification Bodies

  • BCS: BCS OKO Garantie GmbH - Germany (IFOAM accredited)
  • BIOAG: Bio Agricert - Italy (IFOAM accredited)
  • BIOLA: Biolatina - Latin America (USDA accredited)
  • BOLI: Bolicert (Bolivia) (IFOAM accredited)
  • BIA: Bio-Inpsecta AG (Switzerland) (IFOAM accredited)
  • CCOF: Californian Certified Organic Farmers - USA (IFOAM accredited)
  • CCPB: Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici - Italy (IFOAM accredited)
  • CUC: Control Union Certifications - Netherlands (IFOAM accredited)
  • ICEA: Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute - Italy
  • IMO: Institute for Marketecology - Organic certification
  • ECO CERT or EC: Eco-Cert - Europe (IFOAM accredited)
  • NOFA-NY: Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (USDA accredited)
  • OCERT or OC: OneCert (USDA accredited)
  • OCIA: Organic Crop Improvement Association - USA (IFOAM accredited)
  • OIA: Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria - Argentina (IFOAM accredited)
  • PEN CERT: Pennsylvania Certifiers (USDA accredited)
  • PRO CERT: Pro Cert Canada (USDA equivalent)
  • QAI: Quality Assurance International - USA (IFOAM accredited)
  • SA: Soil Association - UK (IFOAM accredited)
  • WSDA: Washington State Department of Agriculture - USA (IFOAM accredited)

Levels of Organic Certification

  • ORGANIC: Fully converted to an organic system of agriculture. eg "ACO"
  • IN CONVERSION TO ORGANIC: Not yet fully converted. No articficial fertilisers. eg "ACO IC"

Organic certification of products we repack

We are certified by ACO to repack certified organic products under our label and apply the ACO logo so long as the original certifying body is recognised by ACO

For certified product that we repack, the repacked product carries the ACO certification (if applicable) rather than that of the original certifying body. The reason for this is that a product loses its original certification when it is repacked. On the price list this shows when the outer carton carries a different certification to a repacked quantity. This can be seen frequently on our nuts page and on our dried fruit page.

We are certified by the Biodynamic Research Institute to repack and apply the Demeter logo so those products retain their original certification.

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