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Cereal Grains
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Barley Grain - KiallaMore infoACO  20kg$71.75
ACO  5kg$19.70
Barley Kernels - NaturalDEM  20kg$71.75
DEM  5kg$19.10
Barley Pearled - KiallaMore infoACO  20kg$81.95 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$22.55
Khorasan GrainA-Q  25kg$91.80
ACO  5kg$21.10
Oat Kernels - Demeter   DEM  10kg$54.25
DEM  5kg$31.80
Oat Kernels - Kindred Organics (Tasmania)ACO  5kg$29.50 Unavail.
Out of stock info
Rye Grain - DemeterDEM  5kg$19.20
Rye Grain - Demeter (Burum)DEM  20kg$68.65
Spelt Grain - DemeterDEM  5kg$31.90
Spelt Grain - Demeter (Burum)DEM  20kg$117.10
Wheat Grain - DemeterDEM  20kg$47.75
DEM  5kg$13.55
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
image for 25kg Black Rice - HBC Black Rice - HBC Trading (China)More infoACO  25kg$224.40
ACO  5kg$48.60
ACO  2kg$21.60
Brown Basmati Rice (India)ACO  25kg$148.70 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$32.75 Unavail.
Out of stock info
Brown Jasmine Rice (Pakistan) Best Before: 31/10/2022ACO  25kg Special 25% off*
ACO  5kg Special 25% off*
Brown Rice - Med Grain - Demeter Best Before: 15/6/2022   DEM  25kg Special 50% off*
DEM  10kg Special 50% off*
DEM  5kg Special 50% off*
White Basmati Rice (Pakistan)ACO  5kg$34.70 Unavail.
Out of stock info
White Jasmine Rice (Pakistan)ACO  25kg$158.50
ACO  5kg$34.70
White Rice - Med Grain - DemeterDEM  25kg$153.70 Unavail.
Out of stock info
DEM  5kg$33.60
Other Grains
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Buckwheat Kernels (China)BCS  25kg$124.45
ACO  5kg$27.85
Buckwheat Kernels - Kindred Organics (Tasmania)ACO  15kg$112.70 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$41.30 Unavail.
Out of stock info
Hulled Millet - Kialla (Australian)ACO  20kg$124.45
ACO  5kg$34.20
Quinoa Polished Kindred Organics (Tasmania)   More infoACO  20kg$174.95
ACO  5kg$46.55
ACO  2kg$20.05
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