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Wheat Flours
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Bread & Pizza Flour - KiallaiACO  20kg$82.70
image for 12.5kg Premium Bakers White Flour Premium Bakers White Flour(Steel roller milled)ACO  12.5kg$49.55
SG UB White Bakers Flour (Stone ground)ACO  12.5kg$50.40
SR Unbleached White Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$30.00
Unbleached White Flour - KiallaMore infoACO  5kg$29.05
Wholemeal Flour - KiallaMore infoACO  5kg$28.90
Wholewheat Bakers Flour - WGM(Stone ground)ACO  12.5kg$50.40
Spelt Flour
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Spelt Flour - White - Kialla (Canada)More infoACO  5kg$57.25
image for 12.5kg Spelt Flour - White Spelt Flour - White (Australia)ACO  12.5kg$102.00
Spelt Flour - Wholegrain (Australia)ACO  12.5kg$100.55
Spelt Flour - Wholemeal - Kialla (Canada)More infoACO  5kg$54.60
Other Flour
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Besan Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$42.50
Buckwheat Flour (China) - KiallaMore infoACO  5kg$43.70
Khorasan Flour White - KiallaACO  5kg$30.70
Khorasan Flour Wholemeal - KiallaACO  5kg$27.25
Light Sift Rye Flour Best Before: 21/8/2024ACO  12.5kg i Special 10% off*
Rye Wholegrain Flour - KiallaMore infoACO  5kg$33.00
image for 12.5kg Whole Rye Flour - Wholegrain Mill Whole Rye Flour - Wholegrain MillingACO  12.5kg$54.95
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