Rosehip Oil - A Natural Skin Regenerator

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Rosehip Oil - A Natural Skin Regenerator

The main properties attributed to this natural cosmetic are that it helps to reduce and retard wrinkles and improves the appearance of scars. The oil is obtained from the seeds in the red fruit of a Rose bush (Rosa Rubiginosa) that grows wild in the southern Andes, an unspoilt mountain region which is cool and extremely rainy.

As the Rose bush grows wild, no chemicals are involved at the growing stage. Indeed it is found at such high altitudes that it does not come under attack from insects. There is no mechanisation in the harvest process either. The local population earns extra income by simply taking a bag and collecting the Rose Hips on foot. The oil is then cold pressed at the point of source and exported.

Rose Hip Oil has been found to be highly beneficial to facial skin because of its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Linoleic Acid 47% and Linolenic Acid 31%.). Fatty acids have a very important function in regeneration of skin cells and damaged tissues.

Rose Hip Oil is applied by massaging into the affected skin with the fingertips until completely absorbed. It is said to retard signs of premature aging like wrinkles, eyelines and crows feet around the eyes and mouth and to provide excellent results in improving the appearance of scars, including skin that has been burned or exposed to radiotherapy.

Rose Hip Oil is supplied in its pure form: it contains no added substances and involves no testing on animals. Even though this product is not certified we have every confidence that it is totally organically grown and processed.

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