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Seeds & Legumes

ItemCertification SizePriceQty
image for 25kg Adzuki Beans (HBC) Adzuki Beans (HBC) Trading (China)ACO  25kg$179.40
ACO  5kg$39.50
Chick Pea Splits (Chana Dahl) (India)ACO  25kg$139.10
ACO  5kg$25.45
French Green Lentils (HBC) (Canada)ACO  25kg$181.20 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$38.15
Green Lentils (Canada)ACO  25kg$185.15
ACO  5kg$40.20
Green Split Peas (HBC) (Canada)ACO  25kg$128.15
ACO  5kg$26.90
Moong Dahl (India)ACO  25kg$178.55
ACO  5kg$39.25
Mung Beans - KiallaACO  5kg$28.55
image for 25kg Red Kidney Beans - HBC Red Kidney Beans - HBC Trading (China)ACO  25kg$210.50
ACO  5kg$44.30
Soya Beans - WGMACO  5kg$30.85
Split Red Lentils (HBC) (Turkey)ACO  25kg$126.50
ACO  5kg$30.50
Split Red Lentils (India)ACO  5kg$30.50 Unavail.
Out of stock info
White Chick Peas (WGM)ACO  25kg$217.45
White Chick Peas (WGM) Best Before: 21/2/2023ACO  5kg Special 10% off*
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