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Castle Mountain Zeolites - Zeolite
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Castle Mountain Zeolites - Zeolite

The following is reproduced, with permission, from the Castle Mountain Zeolites website. We suggest you visit them to get more information.

"Over 300 million years old, Castle Mountain Zeolites (CMZ) is one of the oldest natural Zeolite mineral deposits in the world.

The high purity of our deposit ensures its uniqueness and versatility in many and various applications today. Over time we have focussed on developing innovative processing techniques from quarry to client, ensuring consistent quality products.

Zeolite is a ‘marvellous mineral’ utilised for both its physical and chemical properties. Our Zeolite finds application for animals and birds, plants and soil, fish and aquatic creatures, water and air filtration and treatment as well as for industry.

We are involved in a number of research and development projects including building systems with cement and concrete. 

Zeolite is the core mineral in a range of value added products, ZeoChar™ and ZeoBentoChars for animal health, productivity and greenhouse gas reduction. Modified ZeoChars™ can be used for soil improvement, as well as reduction in nutrient loss into water - providing an effective reduction in blooms of algae and Cyanobacteria as well as contributing to saving the Great Barrier Reef. 

At CMZ, we actively engage in product development with and providing solutions for our clients which sets us apart. This collaborative approach contributes to success in both our business and that of our clients."

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