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Amena's Garden Plus

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Amena's Garden Plus

Garden+ is a Fabulous, Foliar, Trace Element Fertilizer with Fulvic Acid.

Contains: Sea Minerals which include Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Sulphur, Boron, Molybdenum, Iron, Zinc, Copper and many other trace minerals*. Naturally derived Fulvic Acid assists in the uptake of minerals by the plants.

Dosage: 20ml per 5 litres, or 8ml per litre of water. Delicate plants may require a lower concentration, so perhaps halve it and look for results.

*A typical analysis of the elements present in sea water can be found at https://www.biodistributors.com.au/ProdInfFiles/smp.php


  • Counteracts adverse soil conditions; salinity, alkalinity and acidity that locks out micronutrients.
  • Rapid plant growth.
  • Increases the plants health and resistance to disease.
  • Enhanced absorption of soil applied nutrients.
  • Nearly 95 to 100% utilization efficiency of nutrient applied.
  • Correcting critical nutrient ratios to optimize growth.
  • Activates enzymatic systems of the plant, quick translocation of nutrients from leaves to the growing points.


Important Tips for Foliar Feeding

It is proven by researchers that foliar feeding is many times more efficient for nutrient uptake than feeding through the soil. This is because there are many variants in soil and soil types that may block the uptake of some nutrients.

Best Time To Foliar Feed

In Australia, the best time to foliar spray is between 7 and 10 am or after 5pm when the small openings on the leaves are open. All nutrients diffuse through minute pores on the outermost layer on the leaf surface (the cuticle), which prevents excessive water loss. The cuticular pores are lined with intense negative charge that favours movement of potassium, calcium, magnesium, trace elements and ammonium ions.

If the temperature is 25C or above at 7am don’t spray, as it will have little effect due to rapid evaporation of spray droplets. The best temperature is around 21ºC. If the weather is very hot and dry, then you may have to spray very early in the morning. Also, if it is very windy, spray on another day.

If foliar feeding is done correctly, you should see visual results in approximately 48 hours. Always mix sprays as thoroughly as possible. Shake the sprayer as you go to keep the water and fertilizer homogenized.

Spray until runoff – this is when the fertilizer starts dripping off the leaves - apply in as fine a mist as possible.



This is not an NPK Fertilizer.

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