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Kialla Pure Foods
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Barley Pearled - KiallaACO  20kg$91.80
ACO  5kg$24.00
Besan Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$42.50
Bread & Pizza Flour - KiallaiACO  20kg$82.70
Buckwheat Flour (China) - KiallaACO  5kg$43.70
Khorasan Flour White - KiallaACO  5kg$30.70
Khorasan Flour Wholemeal - KiallaACO  5kg$27.25
Linseed Brown - KiallaACO  20kg$207.95
ACO  5kg$57.25
Popping Corn - KiallaACO  5kg$27.60
Rolled Oats (Stabilised) - Kialla (Finland)ACO  25kg$166.45
ACO  5kg$35.30
ACO  8x1kg$76.55
Rye Wholegrain Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$33.00
Spelt Flour - White - Kialla (Canada)ACO  5kg$57.25
Spelt Flour - Wholemeal - Kialla (Canada)ACO  5kg$54.60
SR Unbleached White Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$30.00
Unbleached White Flour - KiallaACO  20kg$80.90 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$29.05
Wholemeal Flour - KiallaACO  5kg$28.90

Kialla Pure Foods

Kialla Pure Foods Pty Ltd is situated on the property 'Kialla' in the rich Darling Downs - two hours drive west of Brisbane, where they have been using organic farming practices since 1980.

The 'Kialla' property is certified Organic No. 401 with Australian Certified Organic. The processing operations are certified by both ACO and NASAA.

All Kialla products are grown in natural well-balanced soils, high humus, fertilised only with green manure, companion legumed crops, crop relaxation and rotation, including grazing of cattle on the sweet Darling Downs soils. Hence, these grains are grown free of chemicals and artificial fertilisers. All grain is stored in silos sealed with carbon-dioxide or controlled atmosphere cold rooms. Most of Kialla's grains are milled by traditional solid mill stones. Bio-Distributors stocks almost the entire range of Kialla's products and what we don't stock we can order for you.

See our Price List for the comprehensive range of Kialla's products available through us.

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