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L'Abruzzese Pasta
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L'Abruzzese Pasta

At Bio-Distributors, we have been selling the L'Abruzzese pasta for quite a number of years without making too much of a fuss about it. I think you will agree after you read the following information from their website that it is a quality product.

We only carry a small part of their range and only the 5kg bulk size. (And no pasta which have eggs as an ingredient.)

Our pasta is made with GRANO DURO or HARD GRAIN

All our pastas use only the finest Australian ingredients, including farm-fresh eggs, purified water and top quality, stone ground wheats from Australian wheat producers like Kialla, Laucke, and Wholegrain Milling. Sourcing the best Australian flavours has led to a fostering of solid, long-term relationships with premium wheat suppliers and flour mill producers in both South Australia and nation wide; our suppliers create organic and sustainably grown grain ingredients.


Our passion is not just pasta, but the way it is made. We use traditional artisan methods in manufacturing to help retain the natural flavours and hence, taste.

From our experience, we believe our reputation endures in the quality product we produce and the creator's passion for a unique flavour. As a result, a perfect marriage exists between quality ingredients and creator know-how that values tradition. We support local organic farmers and environmental sustainability.

The slow drying process is essential: THE SLOWER THE BETTER

We use no chemicals, no preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients, and together with a slow-drying process, anywhere between 36 to 48 hours (like they used in the 1940 and 50s), whereas only three or four hours is common so strong that it traps the wheat starch within the web; when cooking a quickly dried pasta, the protein web is so solidly built that hot water can't properly reach the starch granules and the starch can't dissolve properly.nowdays for the 'industrial pasta', which essentially 'bakes' the pasta causing the protein web to become extensive.

Instead, the slow drying process and the use of the best premium durum wheat, allows the starch to keep its molecular structure, therefore producing a pasta that holds its shape and 'al dente' quality; the most desired quality in any pasta.

L'Abruzzese Pasta is dried 10 to 15 times longer at 40- 45C than the mass-market barands which is normally dried at 85C

Our People

What we care about are the people we work with, from our staff, some of whom have been with us for 20 years, to our local suppliers of the finest flours in Australia and our distributors who bring our products to the public, the people for whom we create our pasta.

We BRONZE-extrude our pasta

We use bronze with most of our pasta which makes them rougher than Teflon extruded pasta; Mass-market brands, usually extrude only through Teflon, which is faster and economical. Teflon-extruded pasta releases much less starch into the water compare to Bronze-extruded: starchy pasta water is an incredible thickener and flavor enhancer for sauces. It's what helps pasta and sauce to marry together; this makes the sauce cling to the pasta.

Unique TASTE

We eat our pasta every day because nothing compares to its taste. It is sometimes hand cut, always slow dried, and always hand packed, we use no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no genetically modified products.

We care about making the best pasta possible. We love making pasta the way we love to make it; using the best and most pure ingredients, using some machines that are 100 years old that still make a beautiful pasta consistently good; we hate waste, we love playing our part in supporting a sustainable world.

We are 100% Australian Grown and Made.

Providing excellent products with excellent service