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Green Spelt Powder
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Green Spelt PowderACO  1kg$54.10

Green Spelt Powder

We are now able to offer a Green Spelt Green Powder in addition to the Green Barley Powder.

Both powders being whole foods and not supplements, are a natural unaltered source of real vitamins, minerals , dietary fibre, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants and other substances beneficial to health. In fact research shows that like green barley powder, spelt green powder is one of the most complete sources of nutrition available.

Both powders are foods which encourage alkalinity in the body which is the essential state of being for the maintenance of health and the promotion of healing.

Laboratory analysis has shown that both Green powders contain 17 vitamins, including B17, 20 minerals and 8 basic proteins with the Super Spelt powder containing twice the concentration of vitamin B17 to that in the Barley Green.

The Green powders are grown and dried in Australia are certified organic with NASAA, are GMO free, gluten free, not irradiated, harvested when nutrients are at peak levels, processed at low temperatures to ensure maximum potency and contain no additives whatsoever.

Three teaspoons a day, mixed with fruit or vegetable juice, yoghurt, smoothies, breakfast cereals, herb teas, salads etc. is all you need for optimum nutrition. A 1kg pack will last over four months using three level teaspoons a day.

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