Buying Groups/Co-ops

We have developed an online ordering system for buying groups and co-ops.

Level 1 buying groups (annual sales of $5,000 or more) receive a discount of 8.3% off retail prices

Level 2 buying groups (annual sales of $10,000 or more) receive a discount of 12.5% off retail prices

Existing buying groups/co-ops will maintain their current status.

  • We broadly define a buying group as four households or individuals or more. But the main criterion will be the level of sales over a twelve month period. We will review this regularly and upgrade the status of a buying group if warranted. Of course, we would discuss any proposed changes with you first.
  • The first step is to register for a normal retail account and then contact us to apply for a buying group account. When we approve your application we will change your account status changed so that you will see buying group prices and use the buying group ordering system after logging in to the account.
  • Buying group members can place orders which are saved until the buying group co-ordinator logs in and sends the whole order to us. Individual members log in to the buying group account (not the buying group cordinator's account) and place their order. They will be asked for their name (so the co-ordinator will know who placed the order) and email address so they can receive notification of their order. A copy of the order they placed is also sent automatically by email to the co-ordinator.
  • The co-ordinator can log in to the co-ordinator's section after first logging in to the buying group's account. The co-ordinator can view the cart to see what members have ordered. They can alter the quantities of members' items or remove them but can't add new items to a member's ordered items list.
  • The co-ordinator can place their own order after logging in to the co-ordinator's section or else they can do it as an individual member.
  • The co-ordinator can, once they are sure all the members have ordered, submit an order to us.
  • The co-ordinator can, after logging in to the co-ordinator's section, change the buying group's password and/or the co-ordinator's password as well as edit other account information.
  • If this sounds complicated don't worry - it is all quite simple in practice and of course you can get in touch with us at any time for help. We already have a number of groups who have been using this system for many years.

contact us to apply for a buying group account.

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