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ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Chia Seeds - Black (Mexico)More infoACO  4.5kg$54.60
Chia Seeds - Black(Mexico)More infoACO  2kg$26.50
Fennel Seeds (India)ACO  1kg$27.35 Unavail.
Out of stock info
Fenugreek Seeds (India)ACO  1kg$17.15
Linseed Brown - KiallaACO  20kg$207.95
ACO  5kg$57.25
Pepitas - Pumpkin Kernels(China)ACO  1kg$19.80
Popping Corn - KiallaACO  5kg$27.60
Sesame Seeds - Black Lightly Roasted (Mexico)ACO  15kg$201.25
ACO  5kg$73.80
Sesame Seeds - Hulled (Mexico)ACO  15kg$192.60
ACO  5kg$70.55
Sesame Seeds - Unhulled Lightly Roasted (Mexico)ACO  15kg$156.00 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  5kg$54.60
Sunflower Kernels - AustralianACO  5kg$81.25 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ACO  2.5kg$44.75 Unavail.
Out of stock info
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Chick PeasiNAS  20kg$208.10
ACO  5kg$57.10
Green Lentils (Canada)ACO  25kg$236.05
Green Lentils(Canada)ACO  5kg$49.55
Mung Beans - not for sprouting (China)ACO  25kg$209.30
ACO  5kg$44.05
Split Red Lentils (HBC) (Turkey)ACO  25kg$200.40
Split Red Lentils (HBC)(Turkey)ACO  5kg$44.65
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