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Chocolate - 80g
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
image for 80g Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate Creamy Coconut Mylk ChocolateACO  80g$7.15**
image for 80g Crunchy Mint  Dark Chocolate Crunchy Mint Dark ChocolateACO  80g$7.15**
image for 80g Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk ChocolateACO  80g$7.15**
Mixed Varieties ChocolateACO  11x80g$74.85**
image for 80g Raw Dark Chocolate 72pc Raw Dark Chocolate 72pcACO  80g$7.15**
image for 80g Turkish Rose Cashew Mylk Chocolate Turkish Rose Cashew Mylk ChocolateACO  80g$7.15**
Miscellaneous Confectionary
ItemCertification Size PriceQty
Licorice - Dark Choc CoatedACO  500g$19.95**
** Price includes GST

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