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Amaranth Grain (Peru)CUC   53.40
Barley GrainACO 41.40 14.10 - TU
Out of stock info
Barley Kernels - NaturalDEM  29.65 - TU
Out of stock info
Pearled BarleyACO   15.70
White Basmati Rice (India)ACO153.85  33.85
Brown Basmati Rice (India)ACO155.05 - TU
Out of stock info
Buckwheat Kernels (China)EC/ACO92.15  21.10
Buckwheat Grain (Unhulled - with black husks)ACO   20.40 - TU
Out of stock info
Cous Cous - Whole Wheat (Canada)ACO   2.5kg: 22.30
Khorasan GrainACO94.80 - TU
Out of stock info
  23.15 - TU
Out of stock info
Maize GrainACO 34.20 13.80 - TU
Out of stock info
Millet - Hulled (Ukraine)ACO 81.25 23.30
Oat Kernels (Tasmania)   These are the naked variety which can be ground or rolled as they are without the need for de-husking.TOP111.00  24.50
Popping CornACO  
18.25 - TU
Out of stock info
Quinoa (Tasmania)   The Tasmanian grown quinoa needs to be rinsed a few times before cooking to wash off the saponification.TOP273.60 - TU
Out of stock info
Rye Grain - Demeter   Has not been cleaned properly so has a few husks and pieces of stalk and some fine dust.DEM 45.0012.35
Kindred Organics Spelt Grain (Tasmania)   The germination rate for this spelt is close to 100%TOP111.60 - TU
Out of stock info
  24.25 - TU
Out of stock info
Wholegrain Milling Spelt GrainACO117.60  
Wheat Grain - DemeterDEM45.50   
Wheat Grain - KiallaACO 42.10 14.50
Medium Grain Brown Rice   All sizes now from 2013 HarvestDEM101.65 42.7022.45
Medium Grain White RiceDEM118.70  26.15
Long Grain White RiceDEM118.70 - TU
Out of stock info
TU indicates a product is temporarily unavailable. Click on the "Out of stock info" link for more information or to be notified when the item is available.
Products are produced in Australia unless otherwise stated.

All Prices Include GST where applicable

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